Student Resources

These resources from NAMME and outside sources provide additional information and web links to help both current and prospective graduate students navigate their path to a career in healthcare.

Featured resources

Find A NAMME Member
A membership directory which will provide contact information of NAMME members at various medical programs. NAMME members are always eager to assist students with questions.

College Development Program
NAMME is pleased to host a student development program at each National Conference. The program consists of a half-day of developmental lectures followed by a recruitment fair of various medical schools. The program is free and open to both undergraduate, college, and graduate students.

Trends in Healthcare
Healthcare is a vastly changing field that has an impact on everyone.  NAMME’s purpose is to help navigate the dense and often confusing path to understanding these changes and knowing one’s role in the process.  

Enrichment Programs & Resources
Preparing for a vocation in the health fields can be a rewarding experience. NAMME believes in the importance of career exploration as a means to understanding and selecting a health profession that is right for YOU! Whether it is research you are interested in conducting or serving in a community health role, sharpening your skill set through different programs or internships is a great way to gain exposure as you seek admission to one of our nation’s health professions schools.

Preparing for the Health Professions (K-12)
It is never too early to start preparation for a career in the health professions.  NAMME wants to partner with you in this effort and provides a wonderful resource for you and your future health professional to get state-of-the-art advice on how best to prepare academically, socially, and financially to navigate the health professions education process.