Join the NAMME Western Region in Support of Hawaii

The devastation caused by the wildfires for the people of Hawaiʻi this week has been heartbreaking. Lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed, and livelihoods have been shattered. We extend our deepest and sincerest condolences to those affected.  To learn more, visit:

As the scope of the disaster on the island of Maui continues to be revealed, we know many are looking for ways to help. Hereʻs how you can make a difference:

The Hawaii Salvation Army will start providing meals for thousands displaced in Maui emergency shelters. They are asking for monetary donations and large volume meal donations from restaurants and certified kitchens to aid in mass meal service at Maui shelters. All money donated for disaster relief will go to disaster operations.

Donate to Hawaii Salvation Army here

The Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund will support Maui communities affected by recent fires, including response and recovery efforts. The proceeds from our bake sale will go to this fund. 

Donate to the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund here

(The site has been flooded with support and may take additional time to load. Here is a link to their Instagram page.)

UH Maui College students and their families are directly impacted by the fires, whether they have lost homes, businesses, or jobs. As the new school year starts, you can help keep students, faculty, staff, and their families resilient during this unprecedented emergency.

Donate to the UH Maui College Student Aid Fund here. 

The UH Maui College Faculty and Staff are in the same situation as students. 

Donate to the UH Maui College Faculty and Staff Aid fund here.

Mahalo nui to everyone who has reached out to offer help and support!

With gratitude,

Winona Lee
University of Hawaiʻi John A. Burns School of Medicine
Director, Western Region NAMME