The NAMME National Awards will be presented at the National Conference. The two (2) awards listed below are open for nominations. The third award to be presented, the NAMME President’s Award, will be at the full discretion of the National President.

  • NAMME National Award for Distinguished Service in the Health Field
  • NAMME National Emerging Leadership Award

Qualifications for the three awards are outlined. Information materials for all nominations must be submitted electronically by August 10, 2022.

All nominees must be nominated by an NAMME member in good standing.

NAMME National Award for Distinguished Service in the Health Field

The candidate must have demonstrated distinguished service in the health field to minority and/or disadvantaged citizens in the community, health care institutions, and/or academic institutions of higher education.
The candidate must have demonstrated excellence in a quality practice in one of the healthcare professions with demonstrated commitment to the health of minorities and other disadvantaged citizens.
The candidate must have an exemplary record in the financial support of public or private programs that under gird minority access into and retention in the appropriate health professions institutions.
The candidate must have sensitivity to the multicultural issues that encompass a demonstrated commitment to equal opportunity policies, practices, and goals of law relating to minorities.

The candidate must have established a professional reputation and track record that endorses and supports the ultimate goal of NAMME to increase the number of minorities in the health professions.

The candidate must have preferably an appropriate terminal degree (Ph.D., M.D., D.D.S, etc); a Master’s Degree with minimum of (5) years of experience is acceptable.
Selected recipient may or may not be a member of NAMME

NAMME National Emerging Leadership Award

This award is for the new members of NAMME (membership in NAMME of one to seven years) who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to the mission of NAMME, its programs and activities. They fully embrace NAMME through their work and commitment to the organization, and by attracting other new and emerging leaders to join the NAMME membership ranks at the regional and national levels. They are a strong, recognized ‘voice’ on the current issues being addressed at the state and national levels that impact NAMME (i.e., federal and state budget cuts and public policy that negatively impact NAMME’s mission; lack of university/school commitment to diversity in the health professions, etc.). They exude energy, enthusiasm and clarity in both their presentations and writings about NAMME as well as their general appeal to the public they encounter on the need to end disparities in the representation of minorities and disadvantaged students and minority practitioners in the health sciences compared to their presence in the general population of their state, region or the nation. Finally, they bring vision to the future sustainability of NAMME as a viable, thriving organization, and how they can contribute to NAMME’s future in a leadership role.

  • There are no educational requirements for this award.
  • Selected recipient must be a member of NAMME.


The NAMME President’s Award recipient is for a member of NAMME whom the President deems to be worthy of national recognition for outstanding service to NAMME either at the national or regional levels. Selection of the person for this award is at the full discretion of the NAMME National President. There are no educational requirements for this award.